Why Logiq?

Our point of difference

Reliable, Experienced, Flexible Expertise.

Since 2011 We’ve been working with agents to grow their commission generation. Logiq provides you cost efficient, effective data entry. Working with logiq means you’re benefiting from a over decade of specialist experience. Our systems, methods, and processes are proven products and continue to evolve to fit the needs of our clients.

Logiq are also the only firm to be granted preferred supplier status for outsourcing services for Box+Dice. This means Box+Dice users get the best trained and equipped outsourcing solution for the software, including the same access as Box+Dice staff.

We have proven, deployment-ready systems that can be implemented rapidly, and, cost effectively. We also understand that every business is unique so if adaptations are required, Logiq have the team and knowledge to ensure what we deliver is tailored to your needs.

Logiq is an Australian owned and based family business enjoying strong family connections in The Philippines. We are committed to providing a healthy, vibrant and sustainable workplace in our Clark office with family members among key staff. This ensures Logiq offers an exceptional degree of stability and reliability in outsourcing.

We are proud to be regarded as a highly desirable employer in The Philippines which ensures we attract the brightest and best. Out team boast a remarkable array of skills and education which are augmented by our own ongoing training and skills processes.
We ensure continuity of reliable service in a number of ways. Several staff are trained on each task to ensure redundancy and overflow capacity. Our managers monitor workflow and deploy resources as needed to maintain throughput. And naturally English language skills are remarkable ensuring contact with our team fluent and easy.